ci Most Expensive Places to Own an Apple iPhone 7
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Most Expensive Places to Own an Apple iPhone 7

10-06-2017 08:38:35 am / By Admin / iPhone

Most Expensive Places to Own an Apple iPhone 7

The iPhone has great fame in all over the world, but that does not mean it costs the same amount in every country.Hungary is counted as an expensive place in the world to purchase an iPhone 7. If you want to have one in this country, you are looking at having to pay a substantial 45% more.

However, it is not only Hungary that bears high prices. Consumers in other countries like Europe have to pay the high prices in the world for the latest Apple device. The second most high-priced in the world is Italy, followed by Norway. The cost to have an iPhone smartphone is hundreds of dollars higher when you link the prices to the comparatively small amount paid by customers in the US and Canada.

The USA and Brexit

The price of the iPhone 7 in the USA has risen by $79/ £60 compared to last year. Still, this does nott take into account the proof that Apple has developed the base storage level from 16GB - 32GB. As for the role Brexit has performed in this price change, it has pushed the price up, but the USA remains one of the usual places in Europe to purchase the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 price along with sales taxes

Wherever you are in the world, there is a chance that the overall price will rise due to sales taxes. In most of the countries, sales tax is included in the price. But, in the US and Canada, things can get a little complicated due to each state having its individual tax laws. As such, some states include sales tax over the price of the handset, whereas others dont.

One great example is New York, which takes up to 8.875%, so the iPhone 7 will set you back over n $700. But in other countries, there is no sales tax, so you could be fortunate enough to pay $638.