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IPad Air Screen Repair

Chances are that if you are not living as a technological recluse, you most likely own an iPad tablet; maybe the iPad Air. And if you have little kids whom you let use said iPad Air, chances are pretty high that the iPad s screen will become cracked (most likely from being dropped). When that happens and you don t have a warranty on said iPad, you can do an iPad Air screen repair yourself; but that won t work for the faint of heart. The best thing to do in this case is to bring your iPad to an iPad repair professional. According to Yelp, within the cities of San Mateo, Daly City, South San Francisco, Millbrae, and Redwood City, the company iPhone Repairing (located in Daly City) is the best company around for your iPad Air screen repair.

The repair techs at iPhone Repairing are specially trained to repair all Apple devices, including your iPad Air. To begin your iPad Air screen repair, the tech will first use a special hot air tool to heat the edges of the iPad. This melts and loosens the adhesive that hold the iPad screen to the body of the iPad. Once heated, the tech will then use a special metal wedge to pry the screen away from the iPad, very carefully; so as to not further damage the iPad. Once the screen is off, the tech will then disengage all cables and antennas that connect the screen to the logic board of the iPad and place the screen next to the iPad like the page of a book.

The tech will then use tiny Phillips screwdrivers to remove the screws that hold the iPad s LCD in place. Then, very carefully and using very particular angles of the LCD, the tech will remove the LCD and also place it aside like the page of a book and then remove all display cables. Once removed, the tech will continue your iPad Air screen repair by detaching the battery and several other connectors.
Once all cables, connectors, the battery and the home button have become detached, the tech can finally completely remove the damaged screen apart from the iPad.

Now that the screen has been fully detached and several other parts have also been removed, the tech will use a special air blowing tool to rid the iPad of any dust or gunk that could have gotten in over time. And now, to finish the iPad Air screen repair, the iPhone Repairing tech will reassemble the iPad in the reverse order, except this time with a new screen or digitizer. He will reinstall the battery and reattach the cables. He will put the LCD back into the iPad and screw it back into place so that it remains steady. He will reconnect the new screen to the last remaining cables and antennas and place them appropriately.
Once everything is properly attached, the absolute last step in the iPad Air screen repair is carefully place new adhesive on the walls of the iPad body so that they can hold the screen in place. Once the adhesive is in place, it is imperative that the tech place the screen onto the adhesive absolutely level. Once the adhesive connect the iPad body to the screen, it will be near impossible to adjust the screen without breaking it (which will result in having to start the iPad Air screen repair process all over again). Now that the screen has been correctly placed, it is only a matter of time, maybe an hour, before it is safe to use again.

Having completed the actual iPad Air screen repair, the tech will then place cork border holders around the edge of the iPad in order to hold the iPad body and screen together while the adhesive dries fully.  As soon as the adhesive is dried, the iPhone Repairing tech will give you a call to let you know you can pick up your iPad Air. The entire iPad Air screen repair process takes less than 2 hours to complete and will cost you less than $80. And now you have a practically brand new iPad Air to hand over to your kids to continue to play with and keep themselves busy.