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IPhone Battery Replacement

I think we can all agree that in today’s high-tech world, your iPhone is your most valued tool to navigate the digital landscape. This is why it is so annoying when the iPhone’s battery dies so quickly and needs an iPhone battery replacement. People everywhere are talking about it: stories about iPhone batteries plunging from 50% to 10% within minutes, and then shutting down completely in a couple minutes more. People finding their iPhones suddenly shut down in the middle of trips and getting lost because they can’t use Google Maps or call for directions or help. iPhones shutting down mid-call, causing all kinds of nuisance.

And the worst part of the whole ordeal is that the Apple company is pretending like there is nothing wrong at all. The company is running a limited program for iPhone battery replacement for the iPhone 6s model. But Apple continues to ignore that the problem persists in other models, as well. An Apple spokesperson did write a statement to Fortune Magazine stating, “A small number of customers outside of the affected range have also reported an unexpected shutdown,” but did not mention any plans to compensate with iPhone battery replacement for those other ranges.

A publication from Business Insider magazine reported, “Many iPhone 6 and 6s owners are complaining about a bug that essentially shuts the phone even when it has a lot of battery life left. This is a problem that is happened right now, and yet, Apple hasn’t figured out the true cause or at minimum hasn’t disclosed it to the public.” Of course, Business Insider’s report was indicating at a larger problem than just battery issues and something that cannot merely be solved with iPhone battery replacement.

At Apple headquarters, the official corporate word is that everything is fine; however, store employees beg to differ. As an alternative to an iPhone battery replacement, Apple employees are suggesting that users reinstall the firmware of their phones. This may actually be a workable alternative to the iPhone battery replacement, but with a firmware reinstall, you risk losing all of your saved data; including photos, videos, and messages. It seems that it is about time that Apple slowed its pride and admitted there is a problem; and then work towards a solution.

The iPhone is Apple’s flagship product and is also a symbol of Apple’s commitment to engineering excellence and perfection. Thus, admitting that there is a major flaw in its design and software would be devastating. But it is still better than ignoring their growing discontent fan base by pretending that the iPhone battery replacement is not needed. It is now up to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, in the wake of 2017, to address the problem and return the iPhone to its original impeccable reputation.

But, until that happens, it seems that the only option left to iPhone users is to get an iPhone battery replacement. There are hundreds to iPhone repairing businesses all across America, and Yelp can help you find the best one nearest you. According to Yelp and its user reviews, the company iPhone Repairing located in Daly City is the top most provider of quality parts and service in all iPhone repairing categories, including iPhone battery replacement, in the cities of San Mateo, Daly City, South San Francisco, Millbrae, and Redwood City.

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