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How to Fix an iPhone Power Button That’s Not Working?

05-09-2022 11:31:04 am / By Admin / iPhone

Your iPhone power button is one of the most essential parts of your mobile devices. It helps you quickly switch on and off your mobile phones and also helps you reset your devices as and when required. In the other words, without an operating power button, it would be nearly impossible for you to function on any task on your mobile phone. Therefore any delay in your power button repair can affect your phone efficiency levels and leave adverse effects on your devices. 


Moreover, using other methods to switch on and off your mobile phones might affect the performance levels of other parts of your mobile devices as well. Certain power button issues can be resolved quickly without any professional help, however, for issues beyond your control, you must consider consulting help from professionals. In this blog, we have covered various issues and ways you can find solutions to all your iPhone power button is not working problems. 

Let us begin this blog by identifying the reason that can cause potential problems with the power button or why your iPhone power button is stuck

Possible Causes for Your iPhone Power Button Not Working

Most of the time power button problems arise due to hardware malfunctions or other software-related issues. It is also important to note delaying the repair might only worsen the situation for your phone and you might also end up with high iPhone power button repair costs. At times certain issues can be beyond repair due to negligence or delay in repair and the only way out is to install new parts for your device. 


  1. Improper phone case: Not all companies that offer fancy case covers for iPhones are best for your mobile phones. Generally, fancy case covers are the main reasons why your iPhone power button is stuck or not working properly. Soft silicon or good-quality plastic covers are enough to protect your mobile phones from shock or damage. To avoid this problem you must make sure to purchase covers from well-known and reliable case manufacturers in your area or online. 

  2. Dirt: Mobile phones are prone to catch dust and dirt quite easily and quickly. A significant amount of dirt or dust accumulated around the power button of your phone is enough to give rise to all iPhone power buttons not working problems. Regular cleaning or maintenance can help you avoid getting dust and dirt accumulated around the power button. You can use a soft cloth or professional cleaning tools to clean various areas of your phone.

  3. Physical damage: When you drop your phone somewhere or hit a hard object your mobile power button is the first to face consequences. Falling on a hard object can physically damage your power buttons and is another main reason for all iPhone power buttons won’t turn off the phone concerns. Furthermore, if the connections to the button are broken or loose, the power button will not function until you get the same repaired or replaced.

  4. Software glitch: Software glitch is one of the common reasons why your iPhone power button is not working properly. There can be many bugs and flaws in the iOS operating system that can affect the functioning levels of your iPhone mobile phones. Downloading documents or watching videos from unverified sources on the internet can give space for bugs and viruses to enter your phone. These bugs and viruses can majorly affect your iOS operating systems.  

How Can You Fix Your iPhone Power Button?

There are many ways you can fix your iPhone power button if it stops working. Some of the fixes can be done in your home using specific tools or techniques and for others, you might require help from professionals. Once you have identified the reason mentioned above you can now move ahead to implement the solutions mentioned below for the same. Here are some effective solutions that you can consider implementing to fix your iPhone power button not working issues. 


  1. Enable assistive touch: The assistive touch program is an intuitive on-screen feature that helps users to control certain operations or functions right in one place in a small bubble on the phone screen. Assistive touch can be used in the meantime until you get your power button repaired or replaced. To enable this feature all you need to do is open your setting application and then scroll down to the general option. Open the tab and from accessibility options select assistive touch. Select the tab to enable this feature and you are ready to go.

  2. Restart your device: At times, restarting your device can help you overcome minor power button issues. Using your device for a long period of time can make the memory in your phone clogged up and affect the performance of your device. You can restart your phone using assistive touch technology. Once you have enabled the assistive touch feature in your phone, you can tap on the touch bubble to open the menu option. From the menu, you have to select restart to reboot your device. 

  3. Pull off the protective case: Using a heavily protected case or phone cover to prevent your phone screens from shattering during unforeseen circumstances can not be an ideal option for the long-run performance of your power button. Heavy cases are uncomfortable to use especially if they are poorly designed. If your iPhone power button is not working or suddenly stops working then you must consider pulling off your protective case and test if the power buttons work properly or not.

  4. Adjust the click speed of the side button: At times, due to slow speed or default settings, your side buttons and face ID feature may not work as conveniently as they should or as per your preferences. You can adjust the double and triple click speed features for the fast and smooth functioning of your phone. You can increase or manage your click speed by simply selecting the accessibility option from your setting application. Then scroll down to the side button option to select the most convenient option for your device.

  5. Clean the debris on the power button: If you are a travel enthusiast or live in a very dusty area then your phone is likely to accumulate huge amounts of dust and dirt around your power button area. Moreover, which can also be the main reasons for your iPhone power button not working issues. A soft cloth or other cleaning tools might be able to clean the outer portion of your phone, however, for the inner portion, you must seek help from experts.

  6. Update the iOS system: Operating your phone on buggy software can be another significant reason why your power button is not working properly. You must keep your iOS operating system up to date to avoid malfunctions taking place in your device and affecting the performance level of your power buttons.

  7. Visit the professionals: Lastly, if you are unable to find any effective solutions even after implementing all the options mentioned above then you must consider seeking help from a professional. At iPhone Repairing, we consist of highly qualified and experienced experts who can find solutions to all your iPhone power buttons not working and other related concerns quickly and efficiently.


We hope this blog was helpful to you in many ways, you can contact our experts at iPhone Repairing today to learn more about services or to determine the actual problem with your iPhone handsets.