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IPhone Water Damage Repair

I’m sure that in today’s society, we can all agree that your iPhone is the most important device you have. And if you drop your phone into a body of water, the chances are pretty high that you might lose all of your saved data. But not all is lost. If you act quickly, you can save your iPhone. iPhones are built to be slightly water resistant and may still be able to be saved. You need to bring your iPhone to an iPhone repairing shop as soon as possible so that your iphone water damaged repair can begin. According to Yelp, the shop iPhone Repairing is the best shop for your iphone water damaged repair in the San Mateo area of Daly City, South San Francisco, Millbrae, and Redwood City.

iPhone Repairing’s techs can evaluate the degree of your iPhone water damaged repair. These techs have been trained to open the phone correctly without breaking the exterior or interior of the iPhone. They can then assess the degree to which the water (or other liquid) has affected the logic board inside the phone. The techs at iPhone Repairing will then be able to tell you whether there is or is not any hope of recovering your data and/or saving your phone by conducting the iPhone water damaged repair. However, even if iPhone Repairing’s tech tells you that it is worth attempting to save the data, there is still no guarantee that the drying process will save the data.

To begin iPhone water damaged repair, the tech will first remove the battery and put it aside. The he will disconnect all of the individual connector cable that connects physical function buttons to the logic board. Some of these cables can be pried off by hand; others will require a screw driver. Once the logic board has been completely detached, it will be carefully removed from the plastic housing. The logic board will then be submerged in a particular type of isopropyl alcohol for quite a while so that any residue or rust can be loosened. The logic board will then be taken out of the alcohol and a soft brush will be used to scrub away from the logic board very carefully, so as to not damage the logic board. If necessary, this process can be repeated.
The next part of the iPhone water damaged repair is to let the logic board air dry for however long it needs to become completely dry; this may take several hours. If the logic board is still damp when reinstalled, this can cause continued damage. While the logic board dries, the iPhone Repairing tech will wipe all detached cables and parts with the remaining alcohol. The LCD screen of the phone should not be submerged, as this can damage the display. Merely rub the screen clean with a cloth that has been soaked in the alcohol will do. The alcohol will take more 4 hours to dry before the iPhone water damaged repair can continue.

Once dry, the iPhone Repairing tech will carefully and precisely begin reassembling the phone. The tech will reattach all connecters and cables between the physical function buttons and the logic board; also all screws. Once the iPhone Repairing tech is sure that the phone is dry and all cables have been properly placed, he will reattach the LCD screen, effectively completing the iPhone water damaged repair. Once reassembled, the tech will restart the phone and it is at this point that the first test begins. If the Apple symbol appears to glow, it means that the phone has turned on and the chances of saved data have increased. It will take several minutes to get past the Apple logo screen, but that is when you will know if the repair was effective.

As mentioned earlier, even if the phone does turn on after the iPhone water damaged repair, there is no guarantee that your data has been recovered. If the repair was effective and your data is saved, there is still no guarantee that the iPhone will continue to work. Your phone may work for a day, a month, several months, or even a year. This is why it is imperative that you save all your data as soon as possible after your iPhone water damaged repair is complete. Also, it might be time for you to start thinking about buying a new phone; and being more careful with the new one than you were with the old one and not letting it drop in liquids.

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